Mars, the rebellious planet

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Mars is a rebellious and disobedient planet who has fun annoying his spatial colleagues. Until the whole situation changes with the arrival of some harmful meteorites…

Mars’ excessive need for acknowledgment is transformed when a new motivating force appears. Under a good directive and structured instructions, he becomes a happy planet who feels, at last, useful and accepted.

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Tales of emotional education.

The Collection of stories Diverse Universe promotes the integration and the reflection of emotional education and diversity. It helps the visual recognition of expressions and gestures by means of fantasy characters like the planets and other members of the Universe, and by means of an emotionally rich vocabulary.

By reading the story, children may reflect on the emotions and behavior of the story’s characters.  Using an emotionally rich vocabulary will help them express how they feel of what is worrying them. Self-knowledge will improve their relationship with others.

In this first chapter.

Tips to manage inadequate behavior in cases of rebellion, attention-seeking habits and impulsive and defiant personality.Tales of Emotional Education for Social Harmony. Including pages for parents and educators.


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